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Cocktails: 5:00 pm
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At The 3 West Club
3 West 51st Street
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$50.00 members
$60.00 guests      

Please call to reserve your place
at least 7 days before each meeting:

Telephone number: 718-341-9811


September 13, 2017
Williamson Murray
“A Savage War: A Military History of the Civil War”

What A Great Way To Start Our 67th Season With Military and Diplomatic Historian...

We have WILLIAMSON MURRAY, nationally-known historian and professor emeritus of history at Ohio State University as our first speaker for our 2017-2018 Season.

What You Should Know About Our Speaker…

Professor Murray attended Yale University and graduated with honors in 1963.  Following graduation he served as an officer in the United States Air Force for five years.  He was assigned a tour of duty in Southeast Asia with the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing operating C-130’s.  After his military service he returned to Yale and earned his Ph.D. in Military and Diplomatic History in 1974.  He has authored numerous works on history and strategic studies and served as an editor on other projects extensively.

Here’s Why You Should Attend:  Look At All Our Speaker’s Experience…

Professor Murray has taught at a number of universities, military academies and war colleges, including Yale University, Ohio State University, The United States Air War College, The United States Military Academy, and the Naval War College.  He also served as a Secretary of the Navy Fellow at the Naval War College, the Centennial Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics, the Matthew C. Horner Professor of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University, The Charles Lindbergh Chair at the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, and the Harold K. Johnson Professor of Military History at the Army War College.

Please Do Not Miss This Opportunity…Register Now!

Be sure you are here to enjoy lecturer and author, WILLIAMSON MURRAY, who will talk about his new book, ”A SAVAGE WAR:  A MILITARY HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR.” 

Join us with your friends, family and colleagues as Professor Murray makes “HISTORY COME ALIVE” at The Civil War Round Table of New York at the beautiful 3 WEST CLUB at 3 West 51st Street.  The meeting starts at 6 pm! 


The Civil War represented a momentous change in the character of war. It combined the projection of military might across a continent on a scale never before seen with an unprecedented mass mobilization of peoples. Yet despite the revolutionizing aspects of the Civil War, its leaders faced the same uncertainties and vagaries of chance that have vexed combatants since the days of Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War. A Savage War sheds critical new light on this defining chapter in military history.

In a masterful narrative that propels readers from the first shots fired at Fort Sumter to the surrender of Robert E. Lee's army at Appomattox, Williamson Murray and Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh bring every aspect of the battlefield vividly to life. They show how this new way of waging war was made possible by the powerful historical forces unleashed by the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution, yet how the war was far from being simply a story of the triumph of superior machines. Despite the Union’s material superiority, a Union victory remained in doubt for most of the war. Murray and Hsieh paint indelible portraits of Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, and other major figures whose leadership, judgment, and personal character played such decisive roles in the fate of a nation. They also examine how the Army of the Potomac, the Army of Northern Virginia, and the other major armies developed entirely different cultures that influenced the war’s outcome.

A military history of breathtaking sweep and scope, A Savage War reveals how the Civil War ushered in the age of modern warfare.”

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October 11, 2017
Joseph Owen
“Texans at Gettysburg”

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James I. “Bud” Robertson

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John Fazio
“Decapitating the Union”

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